Our Managed Service Offerings

Proactive Network Monitoring

We monitor your network 24/7/365 - this includes any device with an IP Address. At the most basic level, our monitoring tool constantly polls for connectivity and receives SNMP trap or SYSLOG information from generic devices like firewalls and switches. With desktops and servers, a locally installed agent provides us with a greater level of information and functionality. We can effectively monitor anything you can from the OS interface: services, performance, event logs, disk space, software installations, logon attempts, and so on. Our tools are flexible allowing for customization to fit specific customer needs. Since our monitoring is proactive, we can typically address a potential issue before it becomes a 'real' issue. For example, if disk space is running low - determined by a defined threshold - we can automatically purge unneeded files such as log files or temporary files.

Our monitoring software resides on a virtual machine that we deploy at your location. It can notify our monitoring team of issues via email, pager, or SMS texts. We access your servers to mitigate issues remotely using one of many secure protocols. Our monitoring software also includes a Web interface that provides a real-time view into the overall health of your network. Historical metrics are maintained allowing us to closely monitor the utilization of servers, software licenses, and other items.

Permiter Security

One of our specialties is the management of Next Generation (NG) security appliances; we primarily work with Cisco and Sonicwall products. If you are currently protected by an NG appliance we can handle device management. If you are in the market for state-of-the-art perimeter security, we can help you acquire, configure, deploy, and manage a new appliance. Once in place, the NG appliance communicates with our monitoring software providing us with real-time alerts to inbound and outbound security threats, or other critical issues. With additional vendor-specific software like Sonicwall Analyzer, detailed reports on a wide array of information can be automatically delivered to your Inbox. If you are unfamiliar with NG security appliances; it is well-worth reviewing the following datasheets for more information.

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Malware Protection

In today's Internet age, security services implemented at the perimeter are often not enough. Even though NG security appliances are very good at what they do, some malware may still slip by. It could penetrate through a browser exploit or simply be brought onsite by an unsuspecting employee via a USB stick. That said, we strongly advise our clients to extend any NG security subscriptions with products that directly protect their desktops and servers. We work with products from McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky, and others. These products can operate independently (each installation communicates directly with product vendor's service) or they can be centrally managed and controlled using typically free, vendor-provided management software.

Whether you currently have security software or are looking to deploy a new solution, we handle the management as part of our services. Because of the consistency offered by vendor-provided management tools we'll often deploy those tools as part of the infrastructure health remediation service we provide for new clients. In addition, our monitoring software has the intelligence to alert us if security software is not present on a managed system. Once again, the proactive nature of our services allows us to install security software before malware has a chance to take hold.

Data Backups

As part of our services, we ensure your data is backed up safely, securely, and frequently. We can work effectively with any third-party tools you may already own but most often we find the free utilities within Microsoft operating systems to be an excellent choice. We have extensive experience using PowerShell with Windows Backup (command line) and ROBOCOPY. Sometimes low-cost utilities like WinRAR are a great addition to a backup strategy; they can be used to break large data sets into manageable sizes for transfer to cloud-based storage providers. We advise our clients on the merits of cloud-based providers or using onsite storage devices like existing servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices or external hard drives.

Disaster Prevention and Recovery

A well-prepared Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is essential to avoiding unforeseeable system downtime. If you do not have a DRP we can help prepare one as part of our infrastructure health remediation phase. Most companies already have some of the technologies required for disaster prevention. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and backups are great starting points. We help our customers identify other areas were they can increase their chances of avoiding, or at least mitigating the effects of a disaster.

For example, we are big fans of integrating virtualization technologies into DRPs. While a UPS can provide temporary power, and a lost file can be restored from a backup; what happens when an email, or database server physically goes down. This is where virtualization can play a crucial role through its clustering and replication features. We have extensive experience with Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi virtualization technologies and can painlessly integrate them into your IT infrastructure. From that point forward we handle the ongoing management of the virtual infrastructure.

Email Management, Filtering, and Queuing

We provide end-to-end management of email services whether you are cloud-based, on premise, or a combination of both. As part of our general flat rate managed services pricing, we offer inbound email filtering and queuing through the McAfee SaaS platform. McAfee SaaS is a leader in the space and delivers excellent spam/virus protection as well as add-on services like archiving and outbound email filtering. If a customer desires a completely cloud-based email solution; we can extend the McAfee SaaS platform or work with other services like Microsoft Office 365.

For on premise email servers, we have worked extensively with Microsoft Exchange and Merak IceWarp. Our service rates include the management of these email servers and the cloud-based filtering of inbound email using the McAfee SaaS platform. If you are looking to implement a new on premise email server - or upgrade an existing one - we have a team of system engineers ready to handle that transition.

Vendor Management

One of the more challenging aspects of an IT infrastructure is managing the shear volume of vendors providing 3rd party software, hardware, or services. We leverage a suite of tools that allow us to efficiently manage hardware warranties, software subscription and maintenance renewals, domain renewals, as well as other IT-related services like DNS, SSL Certificates, broadband providers, and so on. An annual report is provided which details current year costs and future year projections; these can help target your IT budget. The reports also provide recommendations on necessary licensing adjustments based on historical application usage data extracted from our monitoring software.

Datacenter Colocation Services

We maintain rack space in several regional datacenter locations. Our services include hosting of a simple Web site based on .NET or PHP - more complex sites may require additional fees. If you have a specific need to host a virtual or physical machine in a more secure facility with long-term power redundancy and multiple Internet backbone providers; we can accommodate. Depending on the size and needs of your business it is sometimes advantageous to move critical services out to the cloud. When you locate a virtual or physical machine at one of our datacenter locations, we handle the initial implementation as well as the ongoing management and maintenance.

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