Managed Services - Outsourced IT at a Flat Monthly Rate

Solutions for the Agile Business

Digital One’s managed IT services can help rid your company of Information Technology frustrations.

Do you rely on technology to maximize business efficiency? Has that technology ever disappointed you? If you are like other companies, you probably have had your fair share of nightmares. Whether you have stories of system downtime brought on by computer or network issues or simply cringe at how much your organization is paying to keep your technology up and running, Digital One is here to generate results. We offer a fixed-rate managed services plan that provides your company with expert-level IT support combined with solutions appropriate for eliminating your IT pain points.

Live Within Your IT Budget

Measureable IT budgets with fixed-rate managed services!

With our reasonably priced managed service plans, you never have to worry about the cost of resolving network or server issues again. Digital One offers various technology services that help businesses increase efficiency and profitability while also delivering system uptime stability. Our services are provided at a fixed monthly rate which makes IT budgeting a snap. Regardless of the man hours we might spend resolving an issue, you still pay a fixed monthly fee. Digital One’s plans mitigate unforeseen costs related to IT issues. This ultimately generates better bottom line numbers for our customers.

Minimize System Downtime

Safeguard employee productivity and business profitability!

Our managed services are proactive, we typically prevent issues from occurring before you or your employees ever notice. Since we catch most problems with our monitoring tools before they arise, there is rarely interruption of service, or system downtime. This provides the people that make your organization run the ability to work without disruption from IT-related issues. We deliver productivity which positively impacts your bottom line!

Reliable Service

We are constantly available.

We are all well aware that disasters can occur at any point in time. If your IT administrator called in sick for the day, what do you do if a network switch goes down, or a server hard drive fails? System downtime implies lost productivity and reduced profits. At Digital One we strongly believe you will see real value in our managed services; they pay for themselves.

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