Database Development

All your Data in One Place

How well a modern business can operate is determined by how well they systematically organize and process information. Many businesses still use paper, Word and Excel files to store and manage some of the critical business information generated by different departments. Our team at Digital One can design and develop a database system that stores information in a central location while keeping it organized. This will make your information quickly and easily accessible thanks to flexible search options, web-based interfaces and dashboard reports.

Access Data: Anywhere, Anytime

While a database engine will do all the behind-the-scenes work such as storing data, creating backups and running queries, there needs to be a way for end users to interact with that data. A browser-based application - Web App - is usually the best method for end users to interact with your business data. Web Apps are managed in a single location; they are much easier to host and maintain than a desktop application installed on the PC of every user. It also makes it possible to access the information from anywhere and at any time, provided that from a security point of view this is desirable for the organization.

Monitoring the Business via Dashboards

Databases are able to arrange data in a way that makes it useful for business decision making. They present information in reports and graphical interfaces that enable users to make decisions easily and also monitor the system’s performance in real-time. Users will receive alerts automatically via email or SMS when the database is not functioning as it should or when actions that could put it at risk have been performed. Emails are sent to the people with the ability to make decisions in a timely manner.

Security: Who Sees What?

Will the database system continue to ensure that access to data is tightly controlled? Yes. Databases control access levels to data and the amount of information that different groups of users are able to see or change. In every organization, not every user should be able to see all the data stored. With this in mind, our team works hand in hand with business decision makers to grant each user access to only the information they need in order to perform their designated role. This means that while everyone will log-in to the same database, they will only see what is relevant to them through the web-based application.

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