IT Research and Guidance

Identify your Needs

With technology having a traditionally high capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs, planning for IT infrastructure investments is vital to maximizing IT service levels and maintaining cost-effectiveness. This planning process helps define the role IT plays in your organization as well as determines the tools – hardware and software – and personnel required to fulfill that role.

Digital One offers services that enhance the IT planning process. We can perform detailed observation and analysis of business processes, key performance indicators and existing IT technologies, and make new technology recommendations based on our findings. In addition, we can identify areas within your business where technology - or a lack thereof - has become an obstacle to business competitiveness, or a threat to business continuity.

Find the Solution

At Digital One, our system analysts have extensive experience working with a wide-range of infrastructure technologies. In fact, over the past decade we have worked extensively with several global software companies performing in-depth feature comparisons across their competitive landscape. This has not only allowed us to acquire deep knowledge in specific software and hardware products but has provided us with a comprehensive feature matrix database of these technologies. With our knowledge we can quickly recommend products that might fit your particular business need. We can share our expertise in the following technology pillars:


A wide range of applications including backup, data loss prevention, encryption, email, collaboration, help desk, network monitoring, profile and policy management, and more so.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based services like Amazon AWS and EC2, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, McAfee SaaS, Salesforce and others.

Infrastructure Services

Core infrastructure technologies such as Active Directory (ADFS, ADLDS), DNS, DHCP, DFS, Group Policy, RDS, Windows Update Services, and so on.


Networking hardware such as routers, switches, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) as well as software for traffic analysis, connectivity (FTP, SCP, etc...), and network management tools.


Perimeter security appliances from Cisco and Sonicwall as well as software for AV/AS (desktop, email, portal, etc...), network access policy, video surveillance, and Virtual Private Networking.


Hypervisor products from Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi including their respective add-on products for infrastructure management. Application virtualization products from VMware ThinApp, Microsoft App-V, and Symantec SVS.

Validate before Investing

Digital One provides a variety of value-add services that yield in-depth technical assessments of software or hardware solutions. We maintain a large virtual lab with a wide variety of operating system installations and configurations. This allows us to quickly simulate most network environments by running a single script. With minor customizations, we can often duplicate a customer's production environment in a matter of hours. Our virtual lab and simulation framework allows us to provide the following services at a lower cost than most IT consultants.

Capacity Planning

By simulating a customer's environment and typical end user activity on one or more software applications, we can provide an accurate recommendation for the underlying hardware required to run your new workloads successfully for a given number of users. Capacity planning recommendations always factor in growth expectations and can be fine-tuned for virtualized environments.

Performance Testing.

In tandem with capacity planning, conducting performance testing on a proposed investment is well advised. Often, the results of capacity planning do not necessarily account for the inherent robustness/effectiveness/usability of a software or hardware product. For example, if a specific task on one product takes 20 seconds while on another it takes 10 seconds, which do you select? The answer is not as easy to determine as one might think. Using keystroke macros and scripting technology, we can simulate the end to end tasks that a typical user would execute on a given product. That simulation can be multiplied to reflect an average number of users. Performance metrics are gathered - from user time-to-complete, application CPU and RAM use, Disk I/O, and others to determine which product performs better overall, from start to finish.

Security Analysis

When proposing the implementation of a new software or hardware solution that may handle intellectual property - or the private data of a business' customers - it is often prudent to analyze the security of the product. While a wealth of information may be gleaned from public resources like vendor-provided bulletins, support forums and other resources, it is also worthwhile to directly evaluate a product's security. We leverage a suite of tools to conduct penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and network protocol analysis of products. By combining public resources with a focused security analysis, Digital One can help customers make educated decisions on the level of trust they assign to a product.

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