IT Consulting Services

Hardware and Software

At Digital One we provide comprehensive installation and deployment services for regional small to medium sized business. Our services are designed to minimize costs while eliminating disruption to your day to day business operations. Digital One's implementation team can work within tight timelines and is flexible enough to schedule installations outside of regular business hours.

From purchasing to deployment, we can help organizations implement a wide range of hardware and software products. When working with hardware our services cover all configuration aspects from vendor shipping to customer production environment. Software implementation processes will vary depending on the overall project scope. For new customers without an existing environment, our services include the comprehensive setup of the IT infrastructure. For example, configuring an authentication realm, establishing core networking services, creating file shares, defining system update and data backup schemes, and so on.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that IT installations and roll outs should be carried out with as little disruption to your day to day operations as possible. That’s why we complete as much as possible off-site including commissioning, software installation, customized imaging and testing. We will also store your new equipment off site until the installation date approaches. During the installation phase we'll manage the process from start to finish. We take care of shipping or transport to your site, the on-site installation, and initialization and testing of the components.


Our team can configure and deploy a new network or upgrade an existing network seamlessly. We can recommend and procure appropriate hardware, run required cabling, and integrate wireless technologies. For more complex networking requirements, we implement VLANs, configure Quality of Service for specific services or systems, or leverage IPSec for over-the-wire security. We work extensively with Cisco Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking products.

For perimeter security we possess extensive knowledge of Cisco and Sonicwall Next Generation (NG) firewall appliances. In addition, if employees require remote access while on the road or at home, we can implement a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs can take many forms; they may use different protocols to authenticate and secure an end user's connection and may also reside at varying points on your network. Our team is experienced working with VPN terminations on Cisco and Sonicwall firewalls as well as using Microsoft Windows Server technologies. We can help you decide which path is the better, and most cost-conscious fit.

IT Procurement

Hardware and Software

Digital One can supply our customers almost any new PC, laptop, server, network component, or peripheral device at competitive prices. We have relationships with some of largest wholesalers in the United States and can provide items ranging from high-end brand-name servers to additional RAM for notebooks, inkjet or laser printers, digital cameras, Network Video Recorders, internal or external hard-drives, and PDAs. We can also supply most standard operating systems and software packages with short notice. Digital One delivers all software licenses and provides full boxed versions of software on request.

Maintenance and Subscription Renewals

When you sign up for our managed services program, we manage your software and hardware vendor relationships. This service includes annual budget reports detailing expected IT expenditures, coordinating vendor maintenance and subscription renewals, and analyzing usage to ensure license counts are not under-, or over-utilized. Learn more about our Managed Services.

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